Master List Of Luxury Hotel Reopenings

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Master List Of Luxury Hotel Reopenings


Last updated June 12.

COVID-19 abruptly halted a thriving travel industry, but business is starting to rebound. Luxury hotels all over the globe are working to reopen, albeit with adjustments to keep travelers safe.

Whether you need to travel for business now or want to start planning a post-quarantine beach getaway later, Forbes Travel Guide rounded up a list of luxury hotel reopenings to aid your efforts. Since health and safety are of the utmost importance, we also included links to hotels’ protocols, when available, to help you make more informed decisions.

We will continually update this list, but please double check with the hotels directly, since the opening dates can shift. It’s also important to consult area airports and abide by recommendations from your local government before booking any travel.

Please note: All hotels on this list are open unless otherwise indicated with a date.

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