Dave Smith

Having spent over 25 years at Worldtek, Dave Smith has held a variety of positions throughout almost every department in the agency, continually being promoted in managerial positions. Dave has tremendous insight into front-line servicing, mid-office products, client reporting, conflict resolution and customer satisfaction processes.

As Vice President of Sales and Account Management, Dave is responsible for responding to the customer’s day-to-day needs. As one of the agency’s leading vendor ambassadors, Dave plays an integral role in vendor negotiations with air, hotel, ground transportation and technology partners. To accomplish this successfully, he pays close attention to the individual needs of each client, while keeping abreast of the emerging offerings of all vendors.

Dave also spearheads the collegiate event process adding his 25 years of experience in athletic packaging. Designing alumni and university travel packages is second nature Dave and he has proven his value to clients during Final Four and tournament packages throughout the country.

Dave is a graduate of The Worldtek Travel School and the Computer Processing Institute. An avid sports fan, Dave resides in Connecticut with his wife and two children.