Having been at Worldtek for 20 years, Amy is responsible for both our Corporate and Collegiate divisions.  As Director, Operations, Amy is responsible for the coordination of all corporate travel accounts as well as group conferences and meetings for over 50 colleges, universities and foundations.  This includes domestic and international travel for  student athlete recruiting and athletic department candidates.

Realizing that no two organizations are identical, Amy is skilled at bringing “best practices” to each individual client or group, and tailoring a solution to align the travel decisions of each client with their specific goals and objectives.

Amy is the key liaison between each client supervisor and Worldtek.  She analyzes the various components of each client, taking into consideration all variables including size, applicable vendors, negotiated agreements, preferred destinations, budget, and reporting and booking mechanisms.  From this, Amy creates the ideal business plan for each client and trains her staff on implementation and execution. The result is the most cost–efficient, service oriented team. Amy’s problem solving, analytical and communication skills are the backbone of her success.

A true veteran in the industry, Amy managed the Airline Department at Lindblad Travel Inc., before joining Worldtek. Amy is proficient in both Sabre and Worldspan. She lives in Connecticut and is a graduate of Southern Connecticut University.