Worldtek offers a comprehensive list of technical and customer services designed to increase efficiencies for all aspects of the travel experience, including lowest fare search, self booking solutions, quality control, MIS collection and distribution, and travel security.

It is Worldtek’s goal to provide each corporation with the appropriate balance of service and automation to align a company’s travel decisions with their culture and cost containment objectives.

A sample of our services are as follows:




Profile Management

Traveler profile application ensures traveler information  and payment information is always accessible

Accepts electronic feeds to automatically update profiles

Health & Safety Advisories

Informs travelers when travel to certain destinations is not advised because of health or safety issues

Informs travelers when travel to certain destinations is not advised because of health or safety issues

International Documentation

Passport and visa requirements advisory

Assures companies their travelers wont depart the USA without appropriate documentations

Self Service Traveler Tools

Traveler access to Maps, Hotel Directories, Weather, Airline Delays, and Flight Changes via Blackberry or Mobile Phone

Helps corporate employess better prepare for their trips

VIP Services

Service whch monitors the travel arrangements from time of conception until the traveler returns home

Customised process to help ensure executives make the most of their time

Point Of Sale



Automated Quality Control

Ensures traveler’s record is error free

Enforces corporate policy while ensuring accurate data is captured for reporting

Web Enabled Fare Search

Seaches multiple web sites to assure lowest fare has been obtained

Guarantees dollars are not lost due to Internet fares

Low Fare and Seat Search Tool

Searches for lower fares and preferred seats up to 4 hrs prior to departure

Assists in lowering overall travel cost

Automated Approval Process

Prohibits out of policy travel, unless prior approval received

All data is accumulated for reporting purposes helping manage policy decisions at the point of sale

Self Service Booking Tools

Allows travels to book on-line in a managed environment

Lowers the overall cost of booking travel

Non RefundableTicket Tracking

Alerts travelers when a non-refundable ticket is on file

Assures corporations that tickets are reused or exceptions reported

Vendor Contract Management

Influences traveler behavior through availability

Allows the corporation to manage contracts and control behavior

Toll Free 24/7 Service

Provides travelers with consistant service 24/7 365 days a year

Enables corporations to consolidate all travel to one reporting source

Traveler Assistance Program

Provides professional emergency assistant when enroute, 24/7

Fulfills corporate responsibility

Enroute Tracking Systems

Offers Traveler’s peace of mind knowing family and friends can locate them in case of emergency

24/7 tracking of all travelers for security purposes

Online Confirmations

Itinerary and invoice details via email, Blackberry, Cell phone, etc.

Stores iitineraries and invoices for easy access

Pro Active Management



Account Management

Assures prompt responsive sevice is delivered

Whether dedicated or shared, your account manager will create a busness plan that aligns your travel decisions with your companies culture and goals

Vendor Negotiations

Helps ensure lower fares

Provides corporations with competitive market discounts

Expense Management System

Prepopulates all credit card data to expense forms

Automates the tracking of Tand E expenses and simplifies the reconciliation

Hotel Assistance Program

Offers on line directory of hotel program

Automates the hotel booking process, provides reporting and guarantees competitive rates

Corporate Web Portal

Provides one stop shopping for all their travel needs

Consolidates all traveler data (profiles, booking tools, policies etc. into one location

Reporting tools

Invoices and credits accessible on line

Management reports available via the web, desktop or via electronic transfer