If you are receiving an error when booking in the Concur Travel site for the first time, please check the following steps:


  • Be sure that your profile has a completed Work Address. You must choose a location from the drop down (eg. Mary Kay Building, Addison TX) and then click the box titled “Address same as assigned location”. If your work location is not in the dropdown, you can type in the correct work address. Be sure to fill out every field. Concur does not accept incomplete information.



  • Check to see that all other field choices are complete. For example, if you have chosen to fill out an emergency contact, all fields should be completed, or it could cause a syncing problem with your profile.



  • Make sure all fields relating to State contain the two letter abbreviations and not the complete state name. So, Texas would be TX. There is no need to add a period after the abbreviation.


  • It is very important that your Name Fields Match your Travel identity documents. If the Name in your profile does not match your travel documents, please notify HR so this can be corrected.