Monday, 2 May 


9:00-9.20: Official welcome by Malaysian guest and opening address from Chair

 9.20-9.25: Anti-trust guidelines

  • Alain Desrosiers, Senior Legal Counsel, IATA

9.25-9.30: Introduction of the IGHC Officers

 9.30-9.45: IATA introduction

 9.45-10.20: Keynote Speech: Safety at what cost?

 10.20-10.50: Panel discussion on previous session and Q&A



 10.50-11.30: Coffee Break & Networking

11.30-12.00: Presentation on work completed by each chair and Q&A

 12.00-12.15: Vote on work completed and continuing mandate

12.15-12.30: Presentation of nominees for IGHC Officers

12.30-12.40: Vote for new IGHC Officers

12.40-14.00: Lunch Break & Networking

14.00-14.30: Round table discussion and Q&A on ISAGO



14.30-15.00: Round table discussion and Q&A on IGOM



15.00-15.15: Day’s wrap up and signpost for tomorrow

Tuesday, 3 May

 9.00-9.05: Opening remarks

 9.05-9.30 Keynote speech: Ground Damage Reduction

9.30-10.00: Open Panel Discussion and Q&A: New ways of looking at Ground Damage Reduction



 10.00-10.50: Coffee Break & Networking

10.50-11.15: “How can airports help the ground handler by design?”

11.15-11.45: Panel discussion on previous session



11.45-12.00: Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) – update on the impact of EMD to the ground handling community

 12.00-13.00 Live debate and Q&A: “Ground handlers should pay for ground damage”



13.00-13.10: Day’s wrap up and signpost for tomorrow

 Wednesday, 4 May

9.00-9.05: Opening remarks

 9.05-9.30 “How I want airline travel to be in the future”

9.30-10.15: Training: Key to Successful Ground Operations

10.15-11.15: Coffee Break & Networking

11.15-12.00: Wrap up and closing comments

  • IATA and IGHC Officers