Ticket Change Fees

When travelers book their flights, they often think they’ve booked in accordance to their schedule. However, sometimes a traveler needs to change a flight, whether they need a later flight, an earlier flight or they want to fly out on a completely different day. When this happens, passengers are required to pay airline change fees. Each airline has its own change fees; travelers should familiarize themselves with their airlines change fee prior to purchasing tickets.


American Airline

Passengers who make a change to their flight are subject to a $$200 change fee. The carrier points out its program Choice Essential and Choice Plus allow changes with no fee, as well as other benefits. The programs were introduced late last year. The base fare is higher than that of a basic economy-class ticket.


United Airlines

( You must retrieve your personal reservation first )

Change fees on United Airlines cost passengers $75. For changes to a ticket that extend beyond 24 hours of the original flight time, passengers must pay a $200 flight change fee for domestic flights, and $250 for international.


Delta Airlines

Based on the fare rules, you may have to pay a service fee and/or a difference in fare. For travel within the 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the fee is $200 for Delta-marketed flights.

For travel outside the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the change fee for Delta-marketed flights is typically $250, but can vary based on location and type of fare. Changes are usually permitted only to the return portion of an international itinerary.


US Airways

Change/cancel: $150 – $300 (per passenger).